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Social Media Manager and Professional  Image Designer
Paving the way for others to Go Be Great Today! Wysper Foundation recognizes the value in teamwork and positioning in the communities we serve. We support our education system and our youth by sponsoring the most innovative and rewarding programs available. Our network partnerships offer our youth a foundation in leadership community and independence.
Wysper Network
Our partnership network is formed by business owners who believe the youth as our future leaders need to be nurtured in lifeskills which include finance, marketing, coding and social media etiquette. We support organizations that allow kids to be just kids while they learn to become leaders as opposed to becoming victims of circumstance. We look for community businesses that are technology saavy and futuristic in their approach to building stronger communities.
Wysper Community We help individuals, small business owners and aspiring artist, models, designers, stylist and more create online profiles that give them the exposure and increased online visibility they need to build and market themselves to their target audience.
Educational resource and tool for developing minds

M.O.M Charter

                   Mind Over Matter