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Available Programs

* Catering Service (coming soon) * Student Formal Dining Hall (coming soon) * Student lounge/library (coming soon) * Student Fitness Center (active) * Dance to a Healthier you program (active) *After School Programs (active) * The Boys 2 Men program (coming soon) * Kids Country Club (Our Signature Club (active)

     After School Programs

The LGMF After-School program provides a safe and nurturing environment that helps students learn to balance their homework and leisure time. The program is facilitated by administrators, teachers and parent volunteers who seek to enrich the lives of our students through quality learning interactions in a safe environment.  Homework Help – Assist students in completion of assigned homework            

Kids Country Club (Our Signature Club)

Students who are sworn into the KCC must   uphold the code of conduct in order to maintain their status as a KCC member.  KCC provide six students between the ages of 13-18 the opportunity to travel to  other countries * other states *other cities Students will learn about the environment, culture and historical events of the chosen location. They will become a reporter and interview local residents, report on the climate, cleanliness of the community and local shops within the community.  

       Etiquette Program

The etiquette program was developed to help students learn good table manners and identify the multiple levels of services restaurants offer during course settings. This will help develop their awareness in correctly identifying the proper utensil to choose while dining out. This will also give them the skills necessary to use in setting their own family table. The etiquette program will focuses on respect for others, integrity and character. It is fun, practical, and an urgent need within our communities. Our goal is to develop our boys into young men and our girls into young ladies.                                                              


 Tutoring Help- Assist students in struggling areas and strengthen other                        areas such as;  reading writing math Allowing students to learn at their own pace, recognizing individual challenges such as workspace and environmental distractions removes unseen pressures that inhibites some in their learning development. We work together to increase your childs classroom performance and homework study habits which will ultimately increase grades and test scores.

         Student Fitness Center

The LGMF offers a personal approach in helping kids become fit and healthy. It is our goal to build kids confidence with an active lifestyle in health and fitness activities by providing a fitness center for youths in order to develop a daily fitness routine. We also offer family fitness to help develop and inspire healthy family relationships. Healthy Kids Ages:    2yrs-5yrs             6yrs-10yrs              11yrs-14yrs            15yrs-18yrs                             The Healthy Kids program offers           

    Kidz Cuisine Cooking Class

Ages: 2yrs-5yrs             6yrs-10yrs      Catering Service Our catering program will help students learn to prepare simple meals through healthy cooking Instill the importance of home cooked meals Students will learn to set a table using several course style settings
Life Sharing Program
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